GIVEAWAY: Plan a Halloween Game Night with "Shadows in the Forest"

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October 17, 2018

Family game nights are a must. It’s a great a time to kick back and relax, smile and laugh, and just enjoy some good old-fashioned family fun. But since it is October, I also want to add some spookiness to our regular family fun, which is why I am turning to Shadows in the Forest to plan the perfect family game night this Halloween. 

A game that is played in the dark, features a glow-in-the-dark die, characters that wear masks, and tall trees and rocks that create shadows is perfect game for Halloween-time! In this game, one player is the Seeker and the rest of the players are the Shadowlings. The Shadowlings have to work together to try to stay away from the Seeker’s lantern light, but the Seeker is trying to find all the Shadowlings, and when they find one, that Shadowling is frozen and their mask is removed. All hope is not lost for the Shadowlings that are caught, though. Other Shadowlings can secretly move to the frozen Shadowling to unfreeze them, trying not to be caught by the Seeker’s lantern light themselves. The game is over when either the Seeker has frozen all the Shadowlings or when all the Shadowlings are together in one hiding space.

Get in the mood for some spooky fun with a fun Halloween playlist. Songs like “Monster Mash” and “Witch Doctor” fit into the Halloween theme perfectly without being too spooky for your little monsters. With just a few added touches you can take a normal game night to a themed game night easily.

Shadows in the Forest is available at Target and online from Amazon.


Five lucky families will win a Shadows in the Forest game to create your very own spooky Halloween game night! Click here for complete rules.